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  1. Cancer

  2. Cardiovascular disease

  3. Disease of the Lymphatic system

  4. Kidney or Liver disease

  5. Accutane within 6 months of treatments

  6. Pregnant or Breast Feeding

  7. Auto immune disease

  8. Poor wound healing

  9. Uncontrolled diabetes

  10. Pacemaker when using RF


  1. Body sculpting treatments are not for weight loss. It is important to give your client realistic and honest expectations from the very beginning. 

  2. Bulges, muffin tops, skin laxity, and cellulite are all targeted areas.

  3. A healthy diet and water intake are ideal when receiving these treatments. 

  4. The client can expect better results when they walk or exercise. 

  5. Visceral fat (fat behind the muscle) will not respond.



Avoid eating 2 hours before treatment if you are treating your stomach/abdomen area.


Drink (1 gallon) of water per day and follow a low-fat diet to maximize your results.


Avoid aspirin or anticoagulants if possible as they may cause bruising with a suction device.


Unprotected sun exposure to the treatment area 2 weeks before treatment can result in complications such as skin burns. SPF 30 is required in the treatment area if it is exposed to the sun.


Exfoliate the treatment area the day of your treatment.


Closely shave any hair in the treatment area. If the area to be treated has long hair they will be pulled by the device.


Avoid creams, moisturizers, self-tanners, or any other topical products on the area to be treated.


Discontinue the use of Accutane for six (6) months before treatment.


If you are pregnant, we will need to postpone your treatment. You can resume your treatment 3 months after delivery with a release from your doctor.


You must wait 3 months after liposuction to begin treatments; a release from your doctor is required.


Avoid the use of Retin-A or any acids that may be irritating to the treatment area 3 days before treatment.


Please note that you may be more sensitive to the procedure if you are premenstrual or menstruating.


If you are on antibiotics, you must have had your last dose 10 days before treatment.


The use of certain medications causing sensitivity to sunlight, (photosensitive) should be avoided, please contact us if you are not sure if your medication is photosensitive. Photosensitive medications may cause skin burns.


Drink (1 gallon) of water throughout the day and follow a low-fat diet to maximize your results.


Walking for 30 minutes will benefit your body’s response to this treatment.


The treatment are should not be exposed to the sun. SPF 30 or higher should be applied whenever exposed to the sun.


Immediately following treatment, the area may show slight erythema (redness) and/or edema (swelling). Itching is possible as well all of which are completely normal.


Bruising, “Hickeys” or crusting of the skin may also occur, this is possible however contact the office with any concerns you may have.


Avid exfoliating the treatment area 24 hours post-treatment, avoid exfoliating irritated skin.


Avoid Retin-A or irritating acids or products for 24 hours following treatment.


If the skin in the treated area crusts do not rub, pick, or use any kind of exfoliation until the treated area heals. Do not shave the area if crusting is present. Contact the office for care instructions.


If swelling occurs, apply ice packs. Discomfort or stinging may be alleviated with Tylenol or other pain relievers.


​This is the most common device used to assist in losing inches and contouring the body. It’s a painless non-invasive treatment to combat stubborn fat. Non-invasive liposuction is treatment option to opt-in vs. invasive liposuction. Even if a client elects for invasive liposuction the noninvasive treatments provide lasting results as post-op care. How does noninvasive cavitation work? It disrupts the subcutaneous fat cells with radio waves. Cavitation is an invasive body-sculpting treatment with no anesthesia, scars, discomfort, and downtime. It presents a risk-free alternative to liposuction. The result is an instant loss of fat cells. Generally, one fat cavitation treatment lasts 30-60 minutes where a single part of the body is treated. 72 hours must pass between each session so that the body can eliminate the fat. The minimum suggested a number of fat cavitation sessions is between 6 and I 0. The physical vibrations (up to I million per second) will make each body part vibrates that provides unique cell massage, enhancing the cellular metallic function, increasing the vitality of cells, promoting the blood circulation, improving the nutrition of skin tissue, and keeping the skin rosy and elastic. Strong sound wave explodes fat heads with collective strong sound wave head, a strong sound wave of 40000Hz may be emitted to the human body for impacting fat cells fiercely and causing friction between fat cells. This may cause an effective consumption of calories and moisture in fat cells and reduce the size of fat cells. What's more, sound wave vibration may cause a fierce impact on fat cells to make them explode instantaneously. The liquid is then easily vacuumed out from the body using the lymphatic and urinary system. The number of fat cells can be reduced and thereby achieve the effects of removing fat.


Radiofrequency (RF) is the latest beauty technology. RF skin-tightening treatment is an effective way to rejuvenate the skin, reduce wrinkles, and enhance skin elasticity. The RF heats the dermis, the deepest skin layer, without damaging the epidermis, the top layer of skin. It stimulates the structural change of the collagen fibers and elastic fibers to their original elasticity, reducing lines and wrinkles. An immediate skin-tightening effect will then be achieved without risk. Also, radio frequency can promote tissue metabolism, repel cellulite, tighten the skin, strengthen the skin's elasticity, and so on. Its effect will last for a long time. Meanwhile, it can enhance muscle elasticity and improve cell metabolism. It creates an effect like an internal explosion, meaning that the expansion and compression of waves produce a lot of tiny spaces inside the liquid. The gas and vapors exist in these tiny spaces. In the compression cycle, supersonic waves impose a positive pressure on the liquid molecule, whereas a negative pressure is created through the expansion cycle. There is a cohesion effect inside the liquid or biological tissues. Inside the low-density lipocyte, the cohesive effects are comparatively weak. A relatively low negative pressure can create tissue gaps easily. It is called cavitations in physics. The effects of the explosion inside and outside the cells will increase the molecular movements to achieve a high energy state, which then leads to the lipocyte cracking.

Vacuum Bipolar RF Handle can help dissolve fat, lymphatic drainage, firm skin, and enhance skin elasticity. The Vacuum Bipolar RF probe is used for reshaping, especially after fat loss. The probe works by promoting tissue metabolism and repelling cellulite. Since this unit's waves can get deep into the skin, it can rapidly burn the fatty acids and reduce the fat cell size. It attracts and outspreads the fibrillary connective tissue of different cortexes. Through the rhythmic massage, it effectively breaks down subcutaneous fat and reduces cellular tissue accumulation of fat. It massages different parts of the body and brings up the fat layer in the dermis. It releases micro-vascular lymphatic vessels, at the same time, and promotes metabolism to break down fatty acids. The detoxification is enhanced by the vacuum bipolar RF. At the same time, the skin becomes more elastic and lustrous. It is the "healthy body sculpture management" expert.

The Tripolar probe utilizes RF Energy, which focuses on the facial skin and fat layers of the face. This focused delivery results in improved treatment efficacy that provides immediately visible results from the first treatment. The energy of tripolar RF penetrates the skin and impacts the collagen-rich dermal tissue directly, which makes water molecules in the skin vibrate, thus creating new collagen. As a result, the skin looks tighter and wrinkles are reduced. A facial RF head capacitive coupling electrode is used for transmitting radio-wave energy and generating an electric field for entering subcutaneous tissue through the skin surface. In the high frequency of MHz, this electric field changes its polarity for 1M times/second. To reply to the rapid change in electrode, directions of electrical particles in the skin are also changed. By this time, natural electric resistance in the subcutaneous tissue moves and generates heat energy. As the papillary dermis collagen may immediately shrink when the temperature is within the range from 60 to 70 Celsius degree, after wrinkle treatment, the client may immediately sense the skin tightening effects as it is being lifted and firmed. When collagen is produced continuously, the thickness and density of the skin papillary dermis may be increased to remove wrinkles, eliminate scars, restore skin elasticity and gloss and make it be blonde and smooth. While collagen is increased, fresh skin is generated in the position of operation, and wrinkles are removed by large number of cells. In addition, when the cortex without elasticity or that with thick horny layer in the area with wrinkles is separated, the surrounding skin will also be renewed.

The four polar RF Body probe utilizes RF Energy, which focuses on the skin and fat layers of the body. This focused delivery results in improved treatment efficiency that provides immediately visible results from the first treatment. The energy of these multipolar RF penetrates the skin and impacts the collagen-rich dermal tissue directly, which makes water molecules in the skin vibrate, thus creating new collagen. As a result, the skin looks tighter and wrinkles are reduced. Four-Polar's key advantage is that it utilizes 4 electrodes to allows for greater focusing of the RF energy and a broader RF wave density which means that it can achieve variable depths of penetration into the target tissue being treated. Collagen in the tissue is heated and stimulated to create an immediate visible contraction and lifting effect, followed by remodeling with new and accelerated collagen production in the deeper layers over time. As our skin matures, the collagen and elastin proteins that help support a tight skin structure, start to break down. And as skin loses elasticity, fine lines, wrinkles and a dull or saggy appearance are never far away. The radiofrequency energy penetrates the skin layers to selectively heat the skin tissue where the collagen fibers are embedded. The local heating causes an immediate contraction of the collagen fibers, and fat cells drain then shrink, while those all important fibroblast cells (part of our connective tissue) are stimulated to produce new collagen and elastic fibers. The effect of this is tighter, smoother, younger-looking skin with a visible 'lift'. Fat cells are reduced, and stubborn cellulite looks a lot less noticeable.

The Photon Beauty Device, designed for facial beautification, uses natural light waves, which are transmitted by LEDs into the skin. The light activates photoreceptors in skin cells, producing energy for absorption by skin components, to beautify your complexion. Studies show that light enters the body as photons (energy) and is absorbed by the photoreceptors within cells. Massaging with Photon Beauty balances skin tone and enhances circulation. Light is known for helping with some beauty problems, for instance, inhibiting the formation of melanin pigment, fighting acne and dermatitis, and improving the look of pockmarks, scars, and wrinkles. Red (650 nm) --- One of the most powerful colors to increase blood circulation. Stimulate skin cells to excrete collagen to achieve a firm and smooth texture. The red light penetrating 8-1Omm is suitable for any type of skin; it can reach the derma to stimulate fiber cells. Heating can improve blood circulation and collagen albumen hyperplasia to reduce wrinkles and make the skin more elastic and smoother. The mild wave length is suitable for surrounding eyes and forehead.

Low-Level Laser Therapy has been used for many years. Since low-level laser emits low-level laser energy, laser lipo treatment is completely non-invasive, safe and has no negative side effect for fat loss. The laser energy penetrates skin surface and stimulates the fat cell membranes, changing their permeability, the fat cells reduce their overall size and intracellular fat is released. Then, the fatty triglycerides flow out of the disrupted cell membranes and flow into the interstitial space, where they gradually pass through the body's natural metabolic functions with no harmful physiological effects. This process results in inches of fat loss among patients. Laser lipo involves the application of a highly sensitive laser to dissolve the fat deposits situated in the upper layers of the human skin. The energy emanating from the laser breaks up the fat cells to produces an oily material. This substance is either naturally eliminated through normal bodily processes or can be removed via a small incision made by a practicing surgeon. This leads to a permanent loss of fat if a healthy diet is maintained after treatment. The subtlety of the treatment carries various advantages over the problems often associated with it. Damaged blood vessels and allied physical risks are significantly reduced. Also, the recovery time is condensed. It is also acknowledged that the laser itself is important in encouraging collagen production, thus strengthening the skin.


The technician works the desired body area intensely with the wooden tools, adds pressure which promotes the breakdown of fat and fibrous cellulite so that it can be eliminated naturally with other toxins through the lymphatic system. The Vacuum swiss cup is used to suction fat from areas of your body and transfer them to the lymph nodes, helping you to tone, and reduce cellulite. This is a natural way of implementing repetitive movements with wooden tools to manipulate the stubborn areas of fat.


Wood Therapy helps:
  1. Loosens Tight, Restricted Muscles
  2. Stimulates Lymphatic Drainage
  3. Eliminates Toxins
  4. Speeds Metabolism 
  5. Breaks Down Cellulite
  6. Burns Fat
  7. Tones, Tightens, and Reduces Circumference

Using vacuum therapy cups, you as the technician will place the cups evenly on your clients buttocks or breast, leaving them for a fixed period of time, keeping the pressure low, medium or high. This is a technology that allows the client to benefit from a tighter lifted, and contoured breast and buttocks with improved firmness in 6-10 sessions. This treatment requires no downtime, minimal discomfort, and is a fraction of the cost of a surgical procedure and is proven to be safe and effective. 30 minutes of the non-invasive butt/breast lift is equivalent to 1300-1500 squats, depending on the intensity the results should be visible with just one session. This treatment requires no downtime, so your clients may resume work/normal activities immediately. Once the number of sessions required for your specific body type is completed, the results are permanent. However, proper post-care is recommended as well as exercising for better lasting results.

  - Bruising
  - Soreness
  - Redness

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